Since 1982 Janet E. Hill, owner of Hill & Associates, PC, has devoted her law practice to representing individuals and groups of individuals in civil rights and employment discrimination matters. Hill & Associates endeavors to obtain workplace justice in a legal system that has not always been accessible to people who have been unfairly treated in the workplace. She strives to protect employees and their rights against employers who often abuse their economic or political status to dispute or ignore claims of unfair treatment.

As costs continue to rise and worker-hostile legislation remains an impediment to justice, Hill & Associates is dedicated to fighting back with knowledgeable and accessible representation, including accepting cases, when appropriate, on a contingency-fee basis. Representation on a contingency-fee basis means the firm will handle a client's case with unyielding commitment, even if it means that the firm can only be paid fees according to a client's modest means of contribution or once the case is won. Hill & Associates has a sincere interest in all cases and selects only those for which there exists a meaningful opportunity for the achievement of justice.

Hill & Associates also recognizes that employers can avoid claims of employment discrimination and other violations of employment laws by having fair and equitable employment policies. The firm provides consultation services to small employers to assist them in developing personnel policies and procedures appropriate to the individual business and industry and which comply with applicable laws. Having and following appropriate personnel policies benefit both the employer and employee and better enable both to have and maintain good working relationships.

Ms. Hill also recognizes the value of voluntary resolution of workplace matters without litigation. To achieve this end, she provides private mediation services in employment related matters, using her many years of experience and expertise to assist employees and employers in formulating resolutions to disputes which address the needs and desires of both parties.